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24 Hour Fall Protection

The EM 385 24-hour fall protection standard

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers developed the EM 385 Competent Person for Fall Protection standard for public sector jobs. The course complies with the following construction industry fall protection standards:

  • 29 CFR OSHA 1926 – Safety and Health Regulations for Construction

  • ANSI Z359 (2009-2017) – The Fall Protection Code

  • ANSI A10.32 (2012) – Personal Fall Protection Used in Construction and Demolition Operations

  • ANSI Z490.1 (2016) – Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health, and Environmental Training

24 Hour Fall Protection

Those who complete EM 385-1-1 Fall Protection training have the knowledge and skills to assess worksites, develop safe work plans and identify and correct any problems on-site. The training includes building a Fall Protection and Prevention Plan, which is a high-level plan put in place before projects begin, and acts as a roadmap for workers to follow.  You will learn how to develop an  Activity Hazard Analysis, which is a site-specific safety analysis designed to identify the job steps being performed within the activity or task, identify the work sequences, specific anticipated hazards, site conditions, equipment, materials, personnel and the control measures to be implemented.

Course breakdown

EM 385-1-1 Fall Protection training offered by The HazTec is spread out over three days. On the first day, students learn about the history of fall protection as well as the rules and standards that apply to EM 385-1-1. The second day is devoted to a full review of safety equipment workers will use on jobs. On the final day, students will conduct equipment inspections, develop fall protection plans for hypothetical construction projects and complete a course evaluation.


  • History of Fall Protection

  • Statistics

  • Management of Fall Hazard Risk

  • Fall Protection Hierarchy

  • Employee Responsibility

  • Regulatory and Consensus Standard Review

  • Passive Fall Protection Systems

  • Warning Lines Systems

  • Fall Protection for Scaffolds and Aerial Lifts

  • Calculating Free Fall

  • ABCD’s of Personal Fall Arrest Systems

  • Fall Restraint Systems

  • Work Positioning Systems

  • Horizontal and Vertical Lifelines

  • Suspension Trauma and Rescue

  • Practicing Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

  • Development of Fall Prevention Plan

  • Competent Person Simulation9:51

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