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Confined Space Entry

Confined Space, Entrant Attendant and Supervisor

Course Overview:
Confined Space safety techniques for working in a confined space. Topics covered in this confined spaces training include: the basics of OSHA's confined space regulations, confined space entry (CSE) permits and recognizing, evaluating and controlling hazards. It addresses the CSE team to make working in a confined space as safe as possible. In addition, this course discusses monitoring equipment, PPE and rescue equipment.

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Intended Audience:
This Confined Space course is intended to benefit all workers and management employees who may be entering and working in confined spaces.

  • General Industry Workers

  • General Industry Foremen

  • General Industry Supervisors

Learning Objectives:
This course will familiarize you with basic rules and regulations regarding the development and implementation of a confined spaces permit. The confined space entry team includes a supervisor, an attendant and response personnel whose job is to help the workers to enter, work in the space and then exit safely. The CSE permit identifies conditions under which the space may be entered, known hazards and necessary preparation for them, the required equipment for entry and work, the CSE team members and the testing requirements and authorizations.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to Confined Spaces

  • Confined Spaces Awareness

  • Emergency Response

  • Confined Spaces Drill

Industry Terms:

  • CSE

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • CSE Permit

  • CSE Team

  • Entrant

  • Attendant

  • Supervisor

  • Response Personnel

  • OSHA Title 29 CFR 1910.146

Features and Benefits:
Haztec Confined Spaces safety course will help you be better prepared to work safely in a confined space. By successfully completing all the material in the course, you will know that working in a permit-required confined space:

  • Is potentially hazardous or even fatal

  • Requires planning, training and proper equipment

  • Requires you only enter the space if you are part of a CSE team

Confined Space Entry
OSHA – 29 CFR 1910.146
One Time Class

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